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Customer Care

We believe in the continuous effort to satisfy our customers’ needs. Explorations with our customers allow us to also be in the fore front of innovations.

Product Development

Our products are explorations with our team and clients. Continuous enhancements and new developments are crucial in the company’s future outlook and progress.


Partners’ Relations

Working with quality partners and maintaining good relations with them ensures that we can deliver our solution to our customer with cost and time efficiencies.

Why Choose Us ?

M-Fusion has 15 years of digital signage deployment experience. We provide full turn-key services to our customer for Digital Signage Solutions.  We also own and develop our own digital signage software.  We can also customize our solution based on your unique requirements.



Our Services

service-icon Digital Signage Consulting and Installation
DIGITAL SIGNAGE has evolved into a highly efficient and appealing means of providing multimedia content among business owners, brand marketers, and advertising agencies who realize its benefits of informing, promoting, and entertaining specifically targeted customers. The days of providing static content are behind us. The vast capabilities of digital signage can provide multiple dynamic messages with full-motion video on a minute-by-minute, hourly, or weekly-programmed schedule. When implemented effectively, digital signage attracts, educates, maintains the intended audience’s attention, and ultimately increases the chances of maximizing one’s ROI.

Interactive Kiosk and Content Development
User Experience matters a lot in Interactive Design. As a provider of various touch screen technologies and Interactive development, we can help you deliver your messages with the maximum impact.


Our Products

Our products are explorations with our team and clients. Continuous enhancements and
new developments are crucial in the company’s future outlook and progress.



MediaFusion Ultimate Edition


MEDIAFUSION ULTIMATE EDITION is a versatile Digital Signage Solution on an enterprise level. It is built for n-numbers of remote signage nodes with rock solid stability and scalability.  It supports both Windows and Android Player Clients. Supports LAN/WAN/Cloud environments.

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MediaFusion Hospitality Edition


MEDIAFUSION (HOSPITALITY EDITION) is a hospitality driven Digital Signage Solution. It comprises of a suite of software that allows you to manage not just media but also event information. Create professional and functional displays for hotels and convention centres.

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MediaFusion Standard Edition


The Standard Edition is an integrated platform for the management and scheduling of multimedia contents across a number of screens in a display network (LAN or WAN).

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nCastFusion Lite Edition


A lite version of our digital signage flagship product MEDIAFUSION. Which allows a single workstation to administrate, design and schedule media information to your LAN digital signages.

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Case Studies

“Different Strokes for Different Folks”, from our vast experience we can help you reap the benefits of digital displays. These case studies are from real deployments to give you an insight of how our solutions can professionally deployed with objectives in mind.



Our Clients


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